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There are a variety of ammo in Ring of Elysium.[1]

Ammo Table[edit | edit source]

Ammo Weight Per Unit Weapon
9mm Ammo 0.375 MP5, MPX-SD, Glock 17
.45 ACP Ammo 0.4 Vector, USP45
5.56mm Ammo 0.5 AUG, FAMAS, LVOA-C, M4A1, MK12, Remington 700
7.62mm Ammo 0.7 AK-47, Groza, G28, Mosin-Nagant
.408 Ammo 1 M200
.50 AE Ammo 1 VKS, Desert Eagle
12 Gauge Ammo 1.25 Citori, Fostech Origin-12, Remington 870

References[edit | edit source]